2015 New Holland Agriculture TS6 Series - Tier 3 TS6.110

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New Holland Agriculture
TS6 Series - Tier 3 TS6.110




Outfit your TS6 series tractor with the loader that is right for you.

TS6 tractors are hardworking, Lean & Mean tractors that will pay their way year-round. The TS6 series tractors combine legendary New Holland rugged drivelines with a host of choices to match your specific operational needs.

The two 4 cylinder models and two 6 cylinder models offer an all-weather cab or flat-deck ROPS operator station and are available with either 2WD or FWD.

The dedicated left hand shuttle provides easy forward/reverse shifting of the fully synchronized transmission. Transmission options include 8Fx8R mechanical shuttle, 8Fx8R hydraulic shuttle, or 16Fx8R DualPower™ hydraulic shuttle.

Engine Features
  • TS6 Series Tractors: Reliable Powerhouses: Simple, reliable, rugged engines power the new TS6 series tractors. This new series of tractor fuses a legendary New Holland driveline with a host of choices to match your specific operational needs. TS6 series tractors are B100 Biodiesel approved, giving you the opportunity to reduce emissions and increase demand for farm crops. A Lean & Mean TS6 tractor is sure to power its way through any task all year long.
  • The TS6.110 and TS6.120 models are equipped with a four-cylinder, 274-cubic-inch (4.5 L) turbocharged and intercooled engines, giving these two models 110 and 118 gross engine horsepower. These four-cylinder engines are supplemented with a side-mounted 39.6 gallon fuel tank, enabling you to spend more time driving and less time fueling.
  • Easy Maintenance: Servicing a TS6 series tractor is simple with the one-piece flip-up hood. Whenever you need to do an oil change or replace a filter, maintenance is hassle-free since no side panels need removing.
Transmission Features
  • Transmissions Made For The Job: TS6 series tractors are available with a wider selection of transmissions than you will find on competitive brand tractors. Why? Because New Holland knows that not all farming tasks are alike. Regardless of which you choose, all transmissions have been designed to operate with the ruggedness and reliability that you expect from New Holland. All transmissions are synchronized, allowing you to shift on the fly. The new column-mounted shuffle lever provides fingertip control for direction changes, while gear and range selection levers are comfortably located to the operator’s right. Additionally, you can tailor the transmission to the task at hand with a high speed, 25 MPH (40 KPH) option or a 4-speed creeper option for the ultimate selection- of slower speeds.
  • 8 x 8 Mechanical Shuttle: The standard 8x8 mechanical shuttle transmission is a simple, economic option. This transmission is perfect for operations involving roadside mowing or haying where forward/reverse shuttling is not required as often.
  • 8 x 8 Hydraulic Shuttle: The 8x8 hydraulic shuttle is great for loader work and other applications where direction changes are frequent. The hydraulic shuttle provides the added convenience and ease of not needing to clutch before shuttling. The wet clutch design means that you will have a smooth shifting, long-lasting transmission.
  • 16 x 8 DualPower Hydraulic Shuttle: The 16x8 DualPower transmission is the ultimate option for those who make hay in tough conditions, operate on hills, or need more gears to choose from in their task at hand. The DualPower transmission has an additional under-drive gear for each of the eight forward speeds.
Hydraulics and Hitch Features
  • Hydraulic Power to Match Your Heaviest Load: TS6 series tractors provide ample flow to handle demanding implements. The dual pump, open-center hydraulic system comes standard with a 13-gpm implement pump. If you need more flow, the system can be enhanced with an additional 9-gpm auxiliary pump. A 9-gpm steering pump is dedicated solely to your tractor’s steering, which means that it will remain uncompromised when using implements.
  • Hydraulic Control Levers: TS6 series tractors come standard with two closed-center deluxe rear remotes with flowing controls and adjustable dents, giving you the ability to manage the tractor’s flow to the implement. If additional remotes are required, you can equip your tractor with four closed-center deluxe rear remotes to run multiple hydraulic operations at once. All hydraulic levers are located to the right of the operator for ease of use. The rear remotes are color coded for simple implement hookup and operation.
  • Heavy Lifting, Easy Hookup: You can handle heavy three-point-mounted implements with ease. The standard 3,600-pound lift capacity is a great match for most implements. Select one optional lift to increase lift capacity to 5,400-pounds when handling heavier implements. If you need even more lift power for extremely heavy implements, add two optional lift rams to increase your lift capacity to an impressive 7,200 pounds. No matter how heavy the implement, the standard telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends provide easy hook up to any 3-point hitch tool. Additional fine tune adjustments to raise and lower the 3-point to hook up the implement can be done from the rear of the tractor with the optional external 3-point control. Controlling the rear hitch and draft control is also a breeze, with control levers located comfortably on the operator’s right in front of the rear remote control levers.
Axle Features
  • Axles Just Right for the Job: A wide array of front axles are available for you to choose from, allowing you to tailor a TS6 series tractor to your specific needs.
  • 2WD Front Axles: If you need a simple, value powerhouse, then the 2WD front axle is the right choice for you. On the TS6.110 and the TS6.120, you can choose from a standard-duty 2WD front axle for everyday use, or the heavy-duty 2WD front axle if loader work is required. The heavy-duty 2WD front axle is standard on the TS6.125 and TS6.140 to ensure that you can handle any task at hand.
  • 4WD Front Axles: If you need more traction or pulling capabilities, consider upgrading to the FWD front axle. The FWD axles on the TS6 series tractors are designed to fit the size and power of each model. The four-cylinder TS6.110 and TS6.120 tractors come standard with a Class 3 FWD. The six-cylinder TS6.125 and TS6.140 boast a heavy-duty Class 4 FWD axle that can handle the additional weight and stress that comes from higher horsepower applications.
  • Rear Axles: Need just a haying tractor? If you are mowing, raking, baling, or simply unconcerned about row spacing, the standard, heavy-duty flange axle is the perfect choice for you. However, if you do need more flexibility out of your rear axle and need to set your track setting to prevent crop damage, the optional 98-inch bar axle is the proper choice. For more flotation than single tires can offer, you can also select optional dual rear wheels with the 98-inch bar axle.
Cab and Operator Platform Features
  • Real Value and Comfort Have Finally Met: TS6 series tractors are the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, power, and durability that is needed to meet your toughest challenges at a price that is easy on your wallet. Now that is real value. New Holland knows that comfort yields productivity and that starts with your operating environment. TS6 tractors are designed to provide you with the comfort you need to be productive all day, every day. Choose from the spacious flat deck or the all-weather cab. Both offer a smooth ride, and without the typical hump in the floor, you have plenty of leg room to stretch out.
  • All-Weather Cab: The cabs on TS6 series tractors come standard with the features necessary to provide you with all-day comfort. Front wiper, dual external mirrors, and two additional work lights allow you to see well in all conditions. Heat and air conditioning keep you comfortable all year long. The tractor can be personalized to fit your operating position with the tilt steering and standard mechanical suspension seat. This seat comes standard with high back and arm rests. An air suspension seat is also available to enhance operator comfort on bumpy ground. The opening side glass windows on each side provide ventilation for when air conditioning is not needed. The optional rear window wiper supplies additional rearward visibility in bad weather conditions.
  • Spacious Flat Deck: If you enjoy the open air, the flat deck platform is designed to help you enjoy it in comfort. The isolation mounted platform has a wide, open work station, padded and contoured mechanical-suspension seat with armrests, adjustable tilt steering wheel, and great overall visibility are the standard equipment. The optional deluxe rubber floor mat will further enhance your operating experience by reducing additional noise and vibration. A right hand step option allows for entry on either side of the tractor, helping to save you a few unnecessary steps. The PTO, rear hitch, and throttle control levers are all conveniently located to your right, within comfortable reach. The PTO control lever and the parking brake lever are located to the left of the seat.
  • Impressive Loader Packages: Outfit your TS6 series tractor with the loader that is right for you.
  • 645TL Loader: If you need a loader to perform basic tasks around the farm, choose the value 645TL loader (available on the TS6.110 and TS6.120 models only). With up to 2,976 pounds of lift capacity, you can still handle your normal chores as well as the occasional round bale or heavy load.
  • 835TL and 845TL Loaders: When loader work consumes more than 200 hours per year, you can choose between an 835Tl and 845TL front loader to get the job done. The premium 805TL series loaders have lift capacities up to 4,189 pounds (6-cylinder models), which is more than enough to repeatedly lift round bales or heavy bucket loads all day long. An easy-to-use, adjustable joystick control makes loader operation easy and comfortable. Add the optional mechanical self-leveling system to eliminate spills and increase the speed of your loader chores.
  • A wide variety of attachments are available for both series of loaders, including a bucket and grapple, pallet forks, and bale spear/spike attachments. The 645TL and the 835TL are available with either a skid-steer-style quick attach faceplate or a Euro-style faceplate. This choice allows you to use your current skid steer attachments or Euro “Global” style attachments for a more durable and rugged connection. The 845TL comes standard with the Euro style faceplate to handle heavy bucket loads with ease.
Engine Specifications
  • Engine type: 4 cylinder diesel
  • Make / Model: NH NEF
  • # of engine cylinders: 4
  • Displacement: 274 cu. in. (4.5 L)
  • Aspiration: Turbo/ intercooled
  • Gross engine HP: 110
  • PTO HP: 90
  • Emissions certification: US EPA tier III
Electrical Specifications
  • Alternator: 120 amp
  • Battery: 12 volt 950 CCA
Transmission Specifications
  • Base: 8x8 synchronized transmission with left hand mechanical shuttle
  • Option 1: 8x8 synchronized transmission with left hand hydraulic shuttle
  • Option 2: 16x8 DualPower™ synchronized transmission with left hand hydraulic shuttle
  • Creeper option: Available - all transmissions
PTO Specifications
  • Type: Fully independent wet clutch
  • Base speed: 540/1000
3 Point Hitch Specifications
  • Category: II w/ flex link ends
  • Draft sensing: Top link
  • Base ASAE lift capacity, lbs. (kg): 3600 (1633)
  • Option 1 ASAE lift capacity, lbs. (kg): 5400 (2449)
  • Option 2 ASAE lift capacity, lbs. (kg): 7200 (3266)
  • Implement pump flow, gpm (l/m): 13 (49)
  • Optional auxiliary pump, gpm (l/m): 9 (34)
  • Steering pump flow, gpm (l/m): 9 (34)
Axle Specifications
  • Front 2WD adjustable tread width, in. (mm): 56 to 80 (1422 to 2032)
  • Front FWD adjustable tread width, in. (mm): 64 to 80 (1626 to 2032)
  • Flange axle: Rear adjustable tread width, in. (mm): 64 to 80 (1626 to 2032)
  • Optional bar axle: Rear adjustable tread width, in. (mm).: 62 to 92 (1575 to 2337)
  • Optional bar axle: Front axle turn angle (2WD/ FWD), degrees: 55
Minimum Shipping Weight
  • 2WD ROPS, lbs. (kg): 7524 (3413)
  • 4WD ROPS, lbs. (kg): 8109 (3678)
  • 2WD Cab, lbs. (kg): 7910 (3588)
  • 4WD Cab, lbs. (kg): 8847 (4013)
  • Overall length, in. (mm): 166 (4216)
  • 2WD, in. (mm): 162 (4115)
  • Height, top of ROPS, in. (mm): 116 (2959)
  • Height, top of cab, in. (mm): 111 (2816)
  • Height, top of exhaust, in. (mm): 116 (2959)
Key Configurations
  • 2WD ROPS: Available
  • 4WD ROPS: Available
  • 2WD Cab: Available
  • 4WD Cab: Available



Engine Manufacturer
New Holland NEF
Engine Type
274 cu. in. (4.5 L), 4 cylinder diesel, turbocharged, intercooled, Tier III
110 hp
90 hp


Top of ROPS: 116 in. (2959 mm); Top of Cab: 111 in. (2816 mm)
2WD ROPS: 7524 lb. (3413 kg); 4WD ROPS: 8109 lb. (3678 kg); 2WD Cab: 7910 lb. (3588 kg); 4WD Cab: 8847 lb. (4013 kg)


Fuel Capacity
39.6 gal.
Standard: 8x8 synchronized transmission with left hand mechanical shuttle
Implement Pump Flow: 13 gpm (49 Lpm)

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