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New Holland Agriculture
T9 Series 4WD - Tier 4A T9.615



You'll Be Hard Pressed to Find 670 Horses This Well Trained

T9 4WD tractors give you the power you need and the comfort you want. If the engine and hydraulic power doesn't turn your head, the sleek design and the largest cab in the industry certainly will. Six new models are ready to fit your farming needs. For those who want a row-crop ready articulated tractor, take a look at one of the four standard 36-inch-wide frame models up to 507 engine horsepower. The slim T9 engine hood provides improved forward visibility and the inboard planetary drive axles allow for narrow wheel width settings. For broad acre work, check out the two higher-horsepower, wide-frame models in the line-up. Their top-level performance is packaged in a new, beautifully balanced chassis that delivers more power to the wheels for improved productivity. Brain and brawn. New Holland knows it takes both to get the job done right.

Engine Features
  • Clean-running engines that save you money: As the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland makes it a priority to incorporate intelligent engine solutions into our tractors. Thanks to New Holland EcoBlue technology with SCR the new Cursor 9 and Cursor 13 engines used in T9 4WDs deliver increased horsepower while using less fuel and meeting stringent Tier 4A emission standards. The result: you cover more acres in a day and save both time and money.
  • Unmatched power, ready when you need it: With models ranging up to 670 max engine horsepower, T9 Series tractors offer best-in-class power. But these engines deliver a new level of efficiency, too. The New Holland Engine Power Management (EPM) system continuously adjusts engine output to match your working conditions so you get the very best fuel efficiency and boost your overall productivity. When faced with demanding hydraulic, PTO and transport tasks, T9 engines deliver increased power and torque to maintain performance.
  • SCR advantage - breathability:T9 EcoBlue engines make use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and DEF/AdBlue® after treatment to convert the nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas into harmless water and nitrogen. This treatment is separate from the air intake which means an SCR engine “breathes” only clean fresh air, ensuring optimal combustion conditions. New Holland has the advantage of working with an experienced engine development partner, Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT).Since FPT has already produced over 150,000 SCR engines during the past five years for trucking use, you can be assured of T9 engine reliability.
  • Two-stage turbo: The Cursor 13 engines used in the two largest models, the T9.615 and T9.670, use a two-stage turbocharger. The first turbo feeds the second, delivering higher torque and higher sustained power to cope with the most demanding tasks and conditions.
  • Cool power: The T9 cooling system features improvements compared to previous models to handle the heat generated by the new, more powerful engines. The new, improved flow of cooling air travels through venting in the new grill, over the new radiators and over the engine.
  • Available engine braking: Engine braking is activated automatically when you release the throttle when transporting. It uses the compression of exhaust gas to slow the T9 tractor down, saving wear on the brake pads. Just step on the convenient floor pedal and the exhaust is restricted from leaving the valve and is compressed by the piston moving upwards. This compression of exhaust gas slows the tractor down.
Transmission Features
  • Ample torque and smoother shifting: With wider gears and extra clutch plates for more torque-carrying capacity, the transmissions on the new T9 Series turn power into productivity. Choose the New Holland 16F x 2R full powershift with Ground Speed Management to deliver plenty of working speeds and smooth shifting.
  • Standard 16 speeds and dual settings: The 16-speed full powershift transmission with Ground Speed Management (GSM) features both field and road operation settings. GSM Field™ automatically downshifts the tractor and adjusts engine rpm to maintain the best performance, then upshifts and changes engine rpm as load decreases. GSM Road™ selects the proper gears and engine rpm based on speed lever input and load conditions. Even without GSM, get clutch-free, push-button shifting and fingertip control of direction changes.
  • More speeds where you need them: Eight speeds in the tillage range (4 to 8.5 mph) are each spaced at half-mile-per-hour intervals. Finding the right speed for the job has never been easier.
  • Convenience of fingertip shuttling: A shuttle lever to the left of the steering column and on the CommandGrip makes forward/reverse shuttling easy. Shift to first reverse when in first through eight gears just by moving the shuttle with your fingertips, without taking your hands off the wheel. Maneuver in tight quarters or connect to implements using the handy inch pedal.
Hydraulics and Hitch Features
  • Industry-leading hydraulic power and control: Whether you work with complicated air drills, heavy tillage equipment or large grain carts, New Holland T9 tractors can handle the most intense hydraulic applications.
  • Standard, high-flow or MegaFlow™: You get a choice of standard 42-gpm or high-flow 57-gpm hydraulic pump, with the option of adding the 56-gpm MegaFlow™ pump to either, to give you a total of up to 113 gpm! You select the right combination to match your specific needs. T9 tractors equipped with MegaFlow hydraulics can also be equipped with a PTO.
  • Up to 8 electronic remote valves: All T9 models offer the convenience of electronic remote valves—up to eight of them. They're simple to set up and easy to operate. All hydraulic controls and components are color-coded so it's easy to keep track of hydraulic functions. The IntelliView™ III touch-screen display gives you precise control of individual valve flow, timing and detent settings.
  • Extreme three-point lift capacity: With a three-point lift capacity of 20,000 pounds, your T9 tractor can handle the largest mounted implements, including the heaviest planters, cultivators and specialized rippers.
Frames and Axle Features
  • Rugged designs, flexible applications: The redesigned T9 frame offers increased strength and rigidity to handle the toughest high-horsepower application and the necessary ballasting requirements.
  • Two frame sizes: New Holland T9 tractors come in two chassis sizes—the 36-inch standard frame and the 44-inch wide frame. The four models ranging from 354 to 507 engine horsepower feature the standard frame, making these models row-crop ready. The two largest models ranging from 542 to 608 engine horsepower use the wide frame for large-acreage, high-power applications.
  • Best-in-class ride and power transfer: Both standard- and wide-frame models feature a longer wheelbase for outstanding stability. The result is a smooth ride and power transfer that's the best in the industry.
SmartTrax™ II Features
  • 4 Wheel Drive SmartTrax™ II Trax System: Compared with a twin track configuration, a four wheel drive or quad system has the following benefits: Easier turning; Less soil damage during turns; No power loss when turning. Unique high idler modules are designed to move over debris to reduce soil berming. The high idler allows easier movement over difficult terrain and over debris
  • SmartTrax™ II Trax System: Available on the three 44” wide-frame tractors, offering from 535-620 engine rated HP. SmartTrax II feature a 36” belt, which provides a 2800 sq/in of ground contact per module. A T9 with SmartTrax II has a total foot print of 11,200 sq/in for reduced ground pressure and increased traction.
  • Precision Engineered for Rugged Durability and Extended Service Intervals: Largest drive wheel in the industry. 100% direct drive system – no friction elements that can slip in very wet conditions. 8 drive lugs always engaged which reduces load per belt lug for extended durability. Rigid uni-body design means no track re alignment. Extended service interval – check bogey wheels once a year and change at 5,000 hrs. Flexibility: Use on the tractor for spring planting and change to your combine for harvest; Rotate to your next tractor lease/purchase
Cab Features
  • Smoothest, quietest cab in the business: T9 tractors continue the New Holland tradition of outstanding visibility and comfort. The combination of the slim, sloping hood and huge glass area mean you have a great view in all directions. And the new T9 cab is quiet. With a low decibel rating, the T9 cab is a comfortable, productive field office.
  • Comfort Ride™ cab suspension: New Holland is the first in the industry to offer cab suspension on all tractors from 95 horsepower up to the largest 607-horsepower T9 4WD tractor. Optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension is unique because all four corners of the cab are suspended on spring and damper units with a sophisticated anti-sway system. So settle in and enjoy a smooth, stable ride. The Auto Comfort™ air suspension seat makes your ride even smoother with automatic precision damping that reduces vibration as much as 40%. The seat reacts automatically to shock loads—before they reach you.
  • Award-winning Sidewinder™ II armrest: This patented Sidewinder II armrest is the winner of the prestigious AE50 and GOOD DESIGN™ awards for good reason—it makes everything easier. The entire armrest electronically glides forward or back for perfect positioning for each operator. At the front of the armrest is the CommandGrip™ multi-function controller that provides fingertip access to your most frequently used controls, changing gears and forward/reverse shuttling. The new Intelliview™ III touch-screen display is also mounted right on the armrest for easy monitoring and control.
  • Best-in-class lighting: Banish the darkness with up to 21 halogen work lights—eight that can be optional high-intensity discharge(HID) lamps. Ten lights are adjustable. Egress lighting is standard, so lights will stay on for up to 120 seconds after the key is switched off. Optional rotating beacon lights add even more safety.
Maintenance Features
  • Easy servicing: You'll save time on routine maintenance chores when you choose a new T9 tractor. Key components—batteries, fuel and oil fill points, washer fluid, air and lube filters and the radiator—are all easy to reach for routine maintenance.
  • Keep your feet on the ground: The one-piece hood tilts up for easy access to engine maintenance point, right from the ground. And, the front grill swings open, revealing the radiator and cooling system.
  • Extended service intervals: Longer service intervals decrease your downtime and decrease your costs. By using earth-friendly “green” oil filters that put oil through an ultra-filtration process, service intervals have stretched from 500 hours to 600 hours, saving you both time and money.
Technology Features
  • Advanced features that are easy to operate: New T9 4WD tractors are packed with ingenious features designed to increase the productivity, decrease operating costs and make your job easier.
  • Fully integrated IntelliSteer™ guidance: You can specify your T9 Series tractor with the fully integrated IntelliSteer™ automatic guidance system. It allows you to take full advantage of GPS technology for near-perfect row spacing and repeatability throughout the season. Choose from four levels of accuracy to match your needs and your budget.
  • IntelliView™ III display: At the front of the Sidewinder II armrest is the state-of-the-art IntelliView™ III touch-screen display. It not only gives you the information you need at a glance, it also allows you to control shifting and shuttling and gives you quick access and control of other key functions. The intuitive layout makes it easy to use.
  • Impressive fuel savings with Ground Speed Management: How's this for easy—just set your forward speed and allow your T9 Series tractor to select the correct gear and engine speed based on the load on the tractor. It means less fatigue for you and your drivers and better overall fuel efficiency. Field testing indicates you will gain fuel savings up to 20%. The other bonus is that drivers can concentrate on traffic while travelling on the road, and on the field and implement performance when working.
  • Ground Speed Management (GSM): New Holland GSM is intelligent automation that's simple to set up, dependable in action and extremely efficient. GSM goes beyond an automated transmission system. It manages both engine load and transmission speeds to optimize performance and economy. You just set your forward speed and allow the T9 tractor to select the correct gear and engine speed for the job.
Versatility Features
  • Find the perfect match for your application: With models available in a wide range of horsepowers—including a model with the highest horsepower ever—and two frame sizes, the new T9 Series 4WD tractors are sure to match your needs.
  • Row-crop applications: Standard-frame T9 models extend up to 500 horsepower and feature increased axle diameter so you can put maximum performance between 30-inch rows. A wide variety of tire options are available, including extra-tall RCl 50 tires for less soil compaction. Outfit your T9 tractor to match your needs with a three-point hitch, PTO, tow cable, and a standard or HD drawbar.
  • High-power applications: The wide 44-inch frame of the largest T9 models allow for higher draft loads. The new 5.5-inch on the 607-hp T9.670 is designed to handle this model's extreme power. For operations that use both drawbar implements and a grain cart, you can equip your T9 tractor with both a PTO and MegaFlow™ hydraulics. The Class 5 drawbar is available to handle heavy vertical loads.
  • Air cart application: The superior hydraulic performance of T9 tractors makes them ideal for air cart and air drill applications. The exceptional visibility from the T9 cab makes it easy to see implements towed between or behind an air cart. A variety of lighting options are available to make night operation easier. Operators can take full advantage of the IntelliView III display to monitor tank capacity, implement performance and optional cameras. Custom Headland Management simplifies headland turns.
  • Transport: The new T9 automatic engine braking feature is a big plus when you need to safely transport heavy loads from place to place, like large tank spreaders. When operating in the field, Engine Power Management helps to maintain PTO speed by increasing power to the engine when needed. And, you can engage Ground Speed Management at the push of a button to maintain a constant engine speed. When turning at the end of each pass, use Custom Headland Management to automatically repeat the necessary functions. Consider adding a camera to the Intelliview III display so you can make sure the product is being applied correctly.
  • HD and Scraper models available: Heavy-duty versions of T9 Series tractors are available. They feature heavy duty axles and increased fuel capacity. Two T9 scraper version tractors are available. They feature heavy-duty axles and a drawbar designed specifically for scraper application.
  • Ballast flexibility: An extensive selection of ballasting options is available to match your needs. Choose from a full range of nose weights, wheel weights and rear suitcase weight to achieve the ballasting needed for maximum productivity.
Engine Specifications
  • Type: New Holland FPT Cursor 13L
  • Aspiration: Two Stage Turbocharged, air-to-air after cooled
  • Displacement, CID (L): 787 (12.9)
  • Engine horsepower, DIN hp (kw): 542 (399)
  • PTO hp (SAE): 473
  • Power growth at 1800 rpm, hp (kw): 71 (52)
  • Max Power - EPM hp [CV] (kw): 613 (451)
  • Torque rise: 40%
  • Peak engine torque at 1400 rpm, lb.-ft. (Nm): 1926 (2611)
  • Bore & stroke, in. (mm): 5.3 x 5.9 (135 x 150)
  • Rated engine speed: 2100
  • Engine idle speed: 875
  • Type: 12-volt negative ground
  • Starting system: 24-volt starting circuit
  • Alternator: 200 amp output
  • Batteries: Two, 1000 CCA
  • Standard: 16 x 2 Powershift with transport mode
  • Final drive std.: Compound Inboard 3-planetary
  • Bar diameter, in. (mm): 4.5 (115)
  • Differential lock option: Yes
  • Type: CCLS
  • Remote valves, standard: 4
  • Optional remote valves: up to 8
  • Standard hydraulic pump capacity, gpm (L/min.): 42 (159)
  • Optional hydraulic pump capacity, gpm (L/min.): 57 (216)
  • Optional MegaFlow™ pump capacity, gpm (L/min.): 98 (371) or 113 (428)
  • Rated flow at one remote @ 2000 psi, gpm (L/min.): 45 (170)
3-Point Hitch
  • Type: 3-point Cat. IV-N
  • Lift capacity @ 24 in. (610 mm), lb. (kg): 19,620 (8900)
  • Optional: 1000 rpm
  • Standard on front and rear axle: Integral hydraulic wet disk
  • Fuel tanks, gal. (L): 324 (1224)
  • DEF tank, gal. (L): 62 (234)
  • Engine oil with filter, U.S. gal. (L): 13 (49)
  • Coolant system, U.S. gal. (L): 21.1 (79.8)
  • Maximum height (with 20.8 R 42 tires), in. (mm): 148.5 (3772)
  • Maximum overall length, in. (mm): 300 (7615)
  • Outside frame width, in. (mm): 44 (1116)
  • Wheelbase, in. (mm): 154 (3911)
  • Frame articulation: 38° left/right
  • Frame oscillation: 13° (26° total)
  • Centerline turn radius, ft. (m): 18.8 (5.7)
Center-Pull Drawbar
  • Static vertical load rating, lb. (kg): Std. 5,300 (2404) Opt. 11,000 (4989)
Maximum Operating Weight
  • T9 Series, lbs. (kg): 56,000 (24,494)
Shipping Weight
  • Standard FWD, lbs. (kg): 37,509 (17,014)



Engine Manufacturer
New Holland
Engine Type
FPT Cursor 13L Tier 4A
542 hp (399 kW)
473 hp
Rated RPM
2100 rpm
Bore and Stroke
5.3 x 5.9 in. (135 x 150 mm)


154 in. (3911 mm)
148.5 in. (3772 mm) with 20.8 R 42 tires
Max. operating: 56,000 lb. (24,494 kg); Shipping: 37,509 lb. (17,014 kg)


Fuel Capacity
324 gal. (1224 L)
16 x 2 Powershift with transport mode
Integral hydraulic wet disk
Type: CCLS; Standard hydraulic pump capacity: 42 gpm (159 L/min.)
Drive Type

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