2015 New Holland Agriculture T6 Series - Tier 4A T6.175

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New Holland Agriculture
T6 Series - Tier 4A T6.175




T6 tractors are the ideal choice for haying, heavy loader work, roadside mowing, and more. This top-selling tractor series continues to capitalize on the success of its predecessors, providing you with the ultimate combination of performance and comfort options.

Three four-cylinder models and three six-cylinder models can be tailored to suit your operation. From standard to premium, T6 tractors have the perfect assortment of transmissions, hydraulics, and cab packages. The choice between a rear flange or bar axle further enhances your versatility to handle haying as well as row crop work.

With the evolution of modern farming leading to demands in enhanced efficiency, the T6 line now proudly offers the Auto Command™ CVT transmission. Designed, developed, and built in-house, this transmission provides you with seamless speed changes that are controlled from the fully-adjustable Sidewinder™ II armrest and multi-functional CommandGrip™ lever. Want to have the best looking tractor around? Equip a new T6 Auto Command™ tractor as a Blue Power edition, which replaces the traditional New Holland paint scheme with midnight blue and a sleek silver grill and exhaust.

Engine Features
  • Clean-Running Engines that Save You Money: T6 Series tractors are powered by clean-running engines using proven ECOBlue™ SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology developed in partnership with FPT Industrial. SCR engines use AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to transform the harmful nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas into harmless water and nitrogen. This after-treatment system is separate from the main engine which means only clean, fresh air is fed into the engine. The result: a clean-running engine power unit that offers improved performance, greater reactivity and enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Choose Between Four- And Six-Cylinder Engines: The T6 line is available in both four- and six-cylinder configurations so you can choose the power plant that best suits your requirements. These tractors also offer power-to-weight ratios as low as 62.7 lbs/boosted hp to reduce fuel consumption and soil compaction.
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption: T6 series tractors reduce your fuel use by a minimum of 10%* by combining super-efficient, breathable ECOBlue™ SCR technology with the latest generation of intelligent engine management technology. Engine Idle Speed Management reduces tick-over from 850 to 650 rpm during periods of prolonged idling, which means when your tractor is waiting for work it's only sipping fuel. (*when compared to New Holland T6000 Series (Tier 3) tractors.)
  • Industry-leading Engine Features: Computer-designed, parent bore cylinder block - Features a contoured outer surface for increased strength; Air-to-air intercooling - Improves performance, while a five-blade viscous fan maintains temperature, reduces noise, lowers horsepower consumption and saves fuel; High-Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) electronic power management system - Delivers superb fuel efficiency, fast response, low noise and low emissions; Constant RPM - Provided by electronic power management. This allows you to preset up to two fixed engine speeds and change between them with a single button, while keeping your eyes on the job.
  • Engine Power Management: Engine Power Management (EPM) is a well-known New Holland feature and is available on all T6 models. The engine develops more power and torque according to the actual load on the transmission, hydraulics and PTO. EPM delivers up to an additional 25 horsepower (depending on the model), but only when it is needed to maintain performance and optimize fuel consumption.
Hydraulics-and-Hitch Features
  • Hydraulic Power and Flexibility: When it comes to the T6 hydraulic system, New Holland again provides you with a choice. A fixed-displacement 18.5 gallon-per-minute gear pump provides sufficient flow for the majority of farming applications. This open-center system is combined with a 12.4-gpm steering pump (10.5-gpm on models equipped with the Dual Command™ transmission).
  • 26.5-gpm Closed-Center Load-Sensing Option: A closed-center, load-sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system is available with the 16x16 or 17x16 semi powershift transmission options for those with intensive hydraulic tasks. A variable displacement piston pump provides 26.5-gpm flow to the rear remotes, three-point hitch, and loader. A separate 12.4-gpm pump provides flows for the steering and services circuit. Flow control is standard equipment and detents are provided as an option.
  • Remote Valves: Two remote valves with quick couplers are standard from the factory. The T6 can be specified with up to four electronic or mechanical rear remote valves. The electro-hydraulic remote control valves allow you to control the flow rate and timing from inside the comfort of the cab.
  • Strong, Efficient and Powerful: T6 series tractors allow you to handle heavy three-point-mounted implements, ranging from 6,720 pounds (fixed displacement pump and standard 80-mm lift rams) up to 7,980 pounds (CCLS system with optional 90-mm lift rams). The T6 comes standard with a category II, three-point hitch or you can choose the optional category II/IIN. Convenient flexible link ends and telescoping stabilizers make implement hook up quick and easy. Electronic draft control is standard equipment with convenient electronic controls located on the right-hand armrest console. The system also incorporates integral dynamic ride control shock load prevention that helps prevent three-point implements from "bouncing" on the rear hitch.
  • The Perfect Fit: Front Linkage and PTO: The T6 range is designed to incorporate a fully integrated, factory fitted, front linkage and PTO. All linkage and PTO controls can either be accessed from the comfort of the cab, or via the conveniently positioned controls on the linkage itself for greater efficiency when hitching. Purposely developed for T6 tractors, the linkage will lift up to 7,054 pounds. The linkage arms follow the turning angle of the optional SuperSteer™ front axle to maintain the super tight turning radius. Linkage arms can be folded up or removed when not in use.
  • Direct Drive PTO for Fuel Efficiency: All T6 tractors are fitted with a direct drive PTO to minimize power loss between engine and implement. The reversible 540/1000 rpm PTO is electro-hydraulically engaged via a push-pull control, with advanced Soft Start management. This modulates engagement of high inertia attachments to provide the driveline.
  • Convenient Rear Fender Switches: Fender mounted controls are available for the 3 point-hitch and PTO. An additional fender mounted control can be added for the 3rd electro-hydraulic rear remote.
Transmission Features
  • Select the Transmission Geared for You: New Holland knows that every farm has different requirements, and that intelligent innovation also means offering tried and tested solutions to improve efficiency. The ElectroShift™ transmission offers clutchless gear changes to reduce fatigue. Shifting is taken care of for you with the Auto Modes on the AutoShift transmissions.
  • 16 x 16 Electroshift™ Transmission with Power Shuttle: The ElectroShift™ transmission provides push-button power shifting through the four gears of each of the four ranges, plus a clutch-free shift between first and second range, as well as between third and fourth range. That means when moving through the 16 gears, you only need to clutch between second and third range. An electro-hydraulic power shuttle provides no-clutch forward/reverse shuttling for easier loader or grading work. The programmable shuttle allows you to program the reverse speed to three gears lower or higher than your forward speed, if they are in the same range.
  • 16 x 16 Autoshift™ Transmission with Power Shuttle: The 16x16 AutoShift transmission provides even more convenience than the Electroshift transmission, by doing the shifting for you within the three lower working ranges while in the field simply by pressing the "Auto" button. When on the road, press the AutoShift button twice to move freely from gear 0 through gear 16 and back down as needed without stopping. This technology, improves the quality of the gear shift, automatically selecting the right gear for the job, giving you slick gear changes to improve your comfort and productivity.
  • 17 x 16 Autoshift™ Transmission with Power Shuttle: Two 17x16 AutoShift transmissions are available. Each transmission offers the same features as 16x16 AutoShift transmission with an additional direct drive gear that provides either a 31-mph (50-kph) maximum speed or a more economical 25-mph (40-kph) max speed. The economy 17x16 operates at a reduced engine speed to further enhance fuel economy and the fast 17x16 offers faster transport speeds to save time between locations.
Axle Features
  • Magnificent Maneuverability: New Holland's range of axles is engineered to perfectly match your requirements. All T6 tractors can be specified with structurally light but strong front axles to fully exploit a front loader or linkage. An overall maximum ballasted weight of 19,840 pounds on both four and six cylinder models optimizes traction. SuperSteer™ axles, when combined with the fully automated headland turn sequencing functionality, enhance maneuverability and saves you time on every headland.
  • Axle Options Include: Conventional FWD axle with limited slip; TerraLock™ automatic FWD axle; SuperSteer™ FWD axle with TerraLock; TerraGlide™ suspended axle with TerraLock
  • Front and Rear Differentials: Dog clutch rear differential and limited slip front-wheel assist differential are standard. Heavy duty wet plate rear differential are available as an option.
  • TerraLock™ Automatic Traction Management: New Holland’s renowned Terralock™ solution is simple to set-up and operate. It automatically manages the engagement of drive to the front axle, locking both the front and rear differentials. Forward speed and steering angle information dictate when the differential locks and, if required, four wheel drive disengages. Why? To guarantee the tightest turning circles and to reduce strain on the driveline. TerraLock™ is standard equipment on models equipped with the SuperSteer™ or TerraGlide™ FWD axles.
  • Customize 4WD Engagement to Suit Your Needs: The TerraLock™ switch has three positions--off, full-time and automatic. Automatic mode allows the system to engage and disengage front wheel drive and four-wheel drive depending on: Steering angle; Forward ground speed; 3-point hitch quick raise use; Brake application. Automatic mode delivers optimal traction and performance by disengaging FWD when turning the steering wheel or temporarily disengaging both FWD and differential locks when exceeding 9mph. When TerraLock™ is fully engaged, both the differential lock and FWD remain engaged until you hit the brakes. Turning off TerraLock™ completely disengages FWD and the front and rear differential lock.
  • Supersteer™ Turning: The SuperSteer™ FWD axle option increases the standard 55-degree turn angle to an unmatched 65 degrees. A heavy-duty ball joint attaches the SuperSteer™ axle to the tractor. When the tractor turns, the whole axle pivots, allowing the outside wheel to move in front of the tractor’s nose to provide more tire clearance and a sharper turning angle. With sharper and faster turning, maneuvering in tight spaces and small fields is easy. Headland turn time is reduced by 35%, providing a huge advantage for row-crop operations.
  • TerraGlide™: Your Comfort and Stability Partner: For maximum comfort at high transport speeds, choose the Terraglide™ front axle suspension system. How does it work? It cushions the operator from shocks when travelling over uneven surfaces. In the field, the advanced suspension system maintains contact between the tire and the ground to improve traction. It also features anti-dive and anti-squat logic which prevents excessive suspension movement when lifting heavy three point linkage implements. The integrated Comfort Ride™ Cab suspension provides up to a 25% reduction in shock loads reaching the operator. The result? Less fatigue over long working days, and as whole body vibrations are significantly reduced.
  • Heavy Duty Rear Axles: T6 series rear axles feature inboard planetary final drives with three large, heat-treated planet gears to handle high-torque loads. Heavy duty flange or 98-inch bar axles are available on all models for maximum flexibility.
Horizon™ Cab Features
  • A Standard By Which Others Are Judged: The Spacious, Ultra-Quiet Horizon™ Cab: There is one feature that's standard on all T6 tractor models, and it helps you achieve superior performance in superior comfort: the Horizon™ cab. New Holland took spacious dimensions and ergonomic attention to detail and combined it with the interior sound level as low as 71 decibels. Step inside and it's easy to understand how you will be more productive in the Horizon cab. the air-ride seat swivels, supports, and adjusts for maximum comfort, while an optional full-size instructor seat allows a co-worker to ride in comfort too. A full 63 square feet of glass provides clear visibility in all directions. To make loader work easier and more comfortable, a high-visibility roof panel provides an easy view of a raised loader bucket.
  • 360° Visibility Designed Around You: Want the best all around visibility? New Holland's industry-leading Horizon™ cab will be your solution. Whether it’s in the barnyard, in the field, or on the road, you will always have an uninterrupted view of your task at hand. Work with front loaders? Select the transparent, opening, high visibility panel that provides a perfect view of your loader at maximum height from the comfort of your seat. Never lose a grain of feed or suffer a pain in your neck again. Whisper-quiet comfort is courtesy of a mere 71 dB(A) cab noise level.
  • Control Your Comfort: You can tailor the Horizon cab to your needs with the choice of the standard low roof for lower-clearance areas or the deluxe high roof for general operation needs. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to the standard deluxe, air-suspension seat. For operators who spend extended hours in the tractor, the enhanced comfort of the heated, semi-active Auto Comfort™ Seat fitted with a large air reservoir to counteract ground undulation is worth considering. To further enhance your operating experience, add the automatic temperature control system to maintain your preferred temperature or the electronic rear remotes with programmable flow rate and timing. The optional enhanced performance monitor allows you to track and program important functions including PTO speed, hours, linkage height and electronic remote valve status. It also includes a maintenance reminder and an odometer.
  • Bluetooth Radio: A Bluetooth radio can be installed throughout the entire T6 range. Not only can you make your phone calls hands free, you'll be able to listen to your favorite tunes either directly from your MP3 player or via a USB memory stick.
  • Comfort Ride™ Cab Suspension: The Comfort Ride™ cab suspension option provides the absolute smoothest ride over even the bumpiest ground. This simple mechanical system is always "on." Two isolation "donuts" at the front corners of the cab and a swaybar and two shock absorbers at the rear isolate you from up-down motions and side-to-side swaying.
  • Optional Radar: The radar feature monitors wheel slip and allows you to receive accurate reports of total area worked and area-covered-per-hour forecasts.
Maintenance Features
  • Service is a Breeze: The new T6 range has been designed to spend more time working and less time in the service area. All service points are easy to access, and super long service intervals mean they will spend more time in their natural environment; the field!
  • Simple Routine Maintenance: Engine oil check and fill points are easy to reach, with no need to lift the hood. This makes routine checks faster and servicing simpler. You will also still be able to enjoy the long 600 hour service intervals that you’ve come to expect of New Holland. The single piece, lockable engine hood opens wide for full service access. The engine air filter is easy to check, clean or replace, with no need for tools. The cooling package opens out to make cleaning faster and easier. Top off the wiper washer fluid bottle through the rear window. Hydraulic oil levels can be viewed via a sight glass at the rear of the tractor.
  • Ample Fuel and AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Capacities: The large fuel capacity of the T6 series, 46.2 gallons in 4 cylinder models and 60.0 gallons in 6 cylinder models, is more than enough to keep you running. The 9.7 gallon AdBlue® tank's filler neck is narrower than that of the standard fuel tank, which prevents inadvertent filling with fuel. It only needs to be filled once every two refills of the fuel tank and can be filled at the same time as the diesel tank.
Engine Specifications
  • Make: NEF
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Displacement, cu. in. (L): 411 (6.7)
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • Rated Engine Speed: 2200
  • Boosted Engine Horsepower: 175
  • Rated Engine Horsepower: 140
  • PTO Horsepower: 120
  • Emissions: Tier 4A with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Capacity, gal. (L): 60 (227)
  • DEF (AdBlue®) Tank capacity, gal. (L): 9.7 (37)
Transmission Specifications
  • 16x16 ElectroShift™ Transmission: Standard
  • 16x16 ElectroShift™ Transmission, min. and max speeds, mph (kph): 1.41-25 (2.27-40)
  • 16x16 AutoShift™ Transmission: Optional
  • 16x16 AutoShift™ Transmission, min. and max speeds, mph (kph): 1.41-25 (2.27-40)
  • 32x32 ElectroShift™ Transmission-Creeper: Optional
  • 32x32 ElectroShift™ Transmission-Creeper, min. and max speeds, mph (kph): 0.12-25 (.19-40)
  • 17x16 AutoShift™ Transmission- Economy: Optional
  • 17x16 AutoShift™ Transmission- Economy, min. and max speeds, mph (kph): 1.67-25 (2.68-40)
  • 17x16 AutoShift™ Transmission: Optional
  • 17x16 AutoShift™ Transmission, min. and max speeds, mph (kph): 1.67-31 (2.68-50)
4WD Front Axle Specifications
  • Axle Class: 3 or 4
  • TerraGlide™ Front Axle Suspension: Optional
  • SuperSteer™ (65 Degree Turning Angle): Optional
  • Terralock™ Automatic Traction Control: Optional
Rear Axle Specifications
  • Flange Axle: Standard
  • 98" Bar Axle with Steel Center Rims: Optional
  • 98" Bar Axle with Cast Center Rims: Optional
  • Fixed Displacement Pump Flow, gpm (L/min): 18.5 (70)
  • Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS) Pump Flow, gpm (L/min): 26.5 (100)
  • Steering Pump Capacity, gpm (L/min): 12.4 (47)
  • Total Hydraulic Flow-FD/CCLS, gpm (L/min): 30.9 (117)/38.9 (147)
  • Deluxe Rear Remote Options (N/A on Auto Command™): 2, 3, or 4
  • Electrohydraulic Rear Remote Options: 3 or 4
  • Mid-Mount Valve Options: 2 or 3
  • Standard 3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity - 80mm rams, lbs. (kg): 6,720 (3048)
  • Optional 3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity - 90mm rams, lbs. (kg): 7,980 (3620)
  • Front Linkage Lift Capacity, lbs. (kg): 6,834 (3100)
  • Electronic Draft Control (EDC): Standard
Dimensions (with 18.4R38 rear tires)
  • Overall Length, in. (mm): 178.4 (4532)
  • Minimum Width, in. (mm): 89.8 (2280)
  • Minimum Height -Low Cab/High Cab, in. (mm): 110.4 (2805)/115.2 (2925)
  • Ground Clearance, in. (mm): 18.8 (478)
  • Track Width -Min.-Max., in. (mm): 60.2-84.0 (1530-2134)
  • Minimum Shipping Weight, lbs. (kg): 11,045 (5010)



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
6 Cylinder, 411 cu.in. (6.7 L), Turbocharged Diesel, Tier 4A with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Boosted: 175 hp; Rated: 140 hp
120 hp
Rated RPM
2200 rpm


Low Cab: 110.4 in. (2805 mm); High Cab: 115.2 in. (2925 mm)
89.8 in. (2280 mm)
11,045 lb. (5010 kg)
Ground Clearance
18.8 in. (478 mm)


Fuel Capacity
60 gal. (227 L)
Standard: 16x16 ElectroShift™ Transmission
Total Hydraulic Flow-Fixed Displacement Pump: 30.9 gpm (117 L/min.); Total Hydraulic Flow-Closed Center Load Sensing Pump: 38.9 gpm (147 L/min.)
Drive Type

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