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New Holland Agriculture
T4000 Series - T4030



A Nimble Machine That Packs A Punch

No matter what you're up against, there's a T4000 model to match your needs. These time-honored utility tractors now feature a wider range of comfort features, axle options, beefy engines and time-saving innovations, all while maintaining the same rugged construction, heavy-duty driveline and low-profile design that let's you go where other tractors can't.

Part Of The Landscape Crew: Easy shuttling during frequent forward-reverse shifts make it a perfect fit for working with a loader, landscape rake or box scraper. The 3,962-pound, three-point lift capacity easily handles heavy seeders and aerators.

In Parks And Around Town: Superior lugging ability and hydraulic response saves city and municipal maintenance crews time when loading or grading stone, sand, gravel and snow.

On The Road: A low-profile design with a low center of gravity gives highway mowing and maintenance crews stability on inclines and the confidence to handle harsh conditions. Impressive torque backup lets you pull through heavy growth without slowing or downshifting.

Easy On The Green: Caring for the turf on golf courses, stadium grounds and sod farms is easier with SuperSteer™ FWD axle models. They protect the turf from wheel slippage with the exclusive Traction Management System. Galaxy turf tires can be added to provide broad contact area and low ground pressure.

An Experienced Farmhand: More power makes quick work of tough jobs. The low-profile design, foldable ROPS and tight turning radius let you maneuver in poultry houses and horse barns. The slim size easily slips down narrow orchard rows, and a superior lighting package lets you keep working even after the sun goes down.

Engine Features
  • More Power in a Small Package: Rising to the challenge, T4000 engines offer smooth lugging power when you need it most. Responsive four-cylinder engines with up to 274-cubic inch displacement give you the muscle needed for heavy loader work, pulling implements and running a brighter lighting package.
  • Power at the PTO: Take on bigger tasks with the confidence that your engine can keep up. A fully-independent 540-rpm PTO with flip up safety shield is standard on all models. Optional independent 540/1000 rpm shiftable PTO with interchangeable shafts is offered on the T4040 and T4050 models.
  • Robust Electrical System: The power to handle a best-in-class lighting package with a design that’s easy to troubleshoot. Solid power shuttle engagement and heavy-duty switches for ignition, seat and park break stand up to a hard days work.
  • Durable Design: Unlike the competition’s wet-sleeve engine, the cast-iron, parent-bore engine block features a dry-sleeve design for longer service life and no risk of coolant contamination. Plus, all models feature a low 2300-rpm rated engine speed to reduce noise, vibration and engine wear.
  • Fuel-Efficient: All T4000 engines are turbocharged and intercooled for maximum fuel efficiency. Additional fuel saving features include: Cross-flow cylinder head that keeps intake air cool and dense for superior combustion and maximum power production; Premium Bosch rotary fuel-injection pump and five-hole injectors provide precise fuel metering and delivery into all cylinders.
  • Clean Energy Leader: In addition to meeting Tier III emissions standards, New Holland lets you confidently run on everything from plain diesel to 100% biodiesel* You’ll benefit from fuel-flexibility while you help create cleaner air from fewer emissions and reduce imports of foreign oil. (Biodiesel must meet ASTM 6751 Standards)
Transmission Features
  • Strong, Agile and Easy-To-Use: No matter which T4000 transmission you choose you’ll get quiet, smooth shifting with helical cut gears, superior ground clearance with a compact three-shaft design, durability with forced lubrication, and the easiest forward/reverse shuttling in the business.
  • Easy-Access Controls: A dedicated, inline, synchronized shuttle lever lets you change direction with your left hand. Speed and range levers are located at your right hand.
  • Optional Power Shuttle: Eliminate the hassle of frequent clutching and cut wear and tear on the driveline with the clutchless, electrohydraulic power shuttle. The lever is positioned at your fingertips and the wet disc clutch packs are electronically controlled for ultra-smooth direction changes.
  • More Options: More speeds than the competition let you respond to whatever your workday throws at you: 12 x 12 Synchro Command™ transmission makes work a pleasure with four synchronized speeds in each of three ranges vs. the competition’s three speeds per range; 16 x 16 Synchro Command transmission offers eight speeds in the 2- to 8-mph working range, as well as three speeds below 1 mph for low speed applications.
  • Go Faster: Decrease travel time between jobsites with these top transport speeds: 23.5-mph is standard on the T4050 and optional on other models equipped with mechanical or power shuttle 16 x 16 transmissions; 18.73 mph is provided on all other T4000 transmissions. (Actual speed varies by the tire selection.)
  • Greater Traction: When the going gets slippery, step on the differential lock foot pedal to lock both rear axles together. The diff lock automatically disengages when it’s no longer needed, or you can manually disengage it by tapping a brake pedal.
Hydraulics Features
  • Hydraulic Response without Hesitation: Whether you work with a front-end loader, three-point mounted implements or pull-type equipment, T4000 tractors have the hydraulic power you need to get the job done.
  • Unmatched Lift Capacity: Take on bigger and wider implements with a 3,962-pound three-point lift capacity. A convenient switch makes raising and lowering easy, and lower link draft sensing lets you operate the hitch in draft and/or position control mode.
  • Tandem Pump System: Two hydraulic gear pumps generate a total flow of 20.2 to 26.3 gpm giving you faster cycle times to finish more work in less time: 16.9-gpm implement gear pump feeds the remote valves, three-point hitch and optional loader; 9.4-gpm dedicated gear-type steering pump allows for precise, low-effort steering, freeing up the main hydraulic pump for the work at hand. (Standard on the T4040, the T4050 and all units equipped with a power shuttle transmission. The T4020 and T4030 mechanical shuttle models offer a 12.4-gpm implement pump and a 7.4-gpm steering pump)
  • Matched Capacity: Stackable rear remotes allow you to tailor the hydraulic system to match your needs. For tractors not equipped with a mid-mount loader valve, up to four rear valves are available.
  • Easy Access: Rear remote lever controls are located to the right of the seat. Color-coded handles match the valve coupler caps at the rear of the tractor for ease of use.
  • Easy Implement Hook-Up: Switching out between tasks is fast and simple with heavy-duty, telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends.
  • Push-Button Control: Industry-exclusive Lift-O-Matic™ button lets you raise or lower implements with the push of a button.
  • Joystick Control: A convenient, four-way joystick operates two open-center, mid-mount loader valves making loader work a pleasure. (Loader Valves factory-available or can be installed by your New Holland dealer.)
Front Axle Features
  • The Tightest Turns in the Industry: Whether you opt for 2WD or FWD, count on the same rugged construction. All models use inboard planetary final drives to distribute loads evenly. Planet gears are oversized and run in oil for high load capacity and extended life. The 2WD axle telescopes, providing eight track settings, and the SuperSteer™ FWD axle offers 50% tighter turns then the competition.
  • SuperSteer FWD Axle: Exclusively from New Holland, the patented design is available on T4030 and T4050 models providing a 76-degree turning angle to make short work of every job you do.
  • How It Works: Cut the wheel and the SuperSteer axle articulates as it turns, allowing the outside wheel to move in front of the nose of the tractor and the inside wheel to move away from the tractor frame.
  • Set It and Forget It: The auto FWD system automatically engages front wheel drive only when needed, a bonus for new operators or fleets where many operators use the same tractor. This electrohydraulic locking differential improves traction, prevents turf scuffing, extends tire life and improves fuel economy.
Cab and Operator Platform Features
  • Engineered for Operator Comfort: From the roomy seating area and intuitive placement of controls, to the climate-controlled cab with deluxe air-filtration system, T4000 tractors keep you comfortable on the job. The best cab in its class also boasts the lowest overall height so you can easily work in confined buildings or under low hanging branches.
  • Easy Access and Plenty of Room: Both the cab and ROPS tractors offer steps on both sides, a wide entry threshold and large grab handles for an uncluttered path in an out. You’ll appreciate the extra hip and legroom and suspended brake and clutch pedals for more foot area.
  • Ergonomic Controls: Hydraulic handles, shuttle and transmission levers are placed at your fingertips, and the steering wheel tilts and telescopes allowing every operator to find the perfect positioning.
  • Prime Seating: The standard mechanical-suspension seat offers generous lateral and vertical bolstering support, operator height and weight adjustments and glides on an inclined track for proper arm and leg positioning. An optional air-ride seat is also available on cab models.
  • Info At-A-Glance: Bright, clear analog gauges report engine speed, coolant temperature and fuel level. Above the gauges, a bank of warning and indicator lights keeps you informed.
  • The Best Cab in Its Class: 42.7 square feet of tinted glass, including a rear service window, offers unsurpassed sightlines. Standard heat and air-conditioning maintain a comfortable temperature in any weather, and is-mounting and a full floor mat keep noise and vibration to a minimum.
  • Breathe Easy: Even in the dirtiest of jobs, the exclusive deluxe cab air filtration system keeps your air and work environment clean: Two large anti-pollen air filters coupled with a high-capacity pressurizer, block particles down to 0.3 microns. Charcoal filters are available for added filtration; Two cab air recirculation vents continue to filter the inside air and boost heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Industry-Leading Lighting Package: For late nights or early mornings, the New Holland signature headlight design keeps your work area bright: Dual-beam headlights and two independent corner work lights illuminate both front and sides; Four fully adjustable roof-mounted work lights, two front and two rear, are standard on deluxe cab models.
Maintenance Features
  • Service in a Snap: It doesn’t get any easier then this. Convenient checkpoints and simple trouble-shooting let you keep up with routine maintenance tasks.
  • Easy-Lift Hood: For full-service access, the one-piece hood lifts on a gas strut without cumbersome tethers, side panels or prop rods to get in your way.
  • Faster and Fewer Refuels: The fuel tank is easy to reach from the ground, and has a capacity ranging from 19.8 to 23.2 gallons, depending on the model, to cut down on refuels.
  • Convenient Checkpoints: Faster service checks for less downtime: Easy-access automotive style fuses protect the electrical system; Radiator, A/C condenser, oil cooler and heavy-duty battery are mounted under the hood and the hydraulic cooler slides out to the side for easy cleaning; A single dipstick at the rear of the tractor for transmission, hydraulic and steering oil checks; A convenient dipstick on the right side of the tractor for engine oil checks without raising the hood
Engine Specifications
  • Type: 4-cycle, diesel
  • Make: New Holland
  • Model: F5C
  • Cylinders / aspiration: 4/Turbocharged Air to Air Intercooled
  • Displacement, cu. in. (L): 195 (3.2)
  • Block type: Parent bore
  • Rated speed, RPM: 2300
  • Gross engine horsepower: 76
  • PTO horsepower: 62
  • Emission legislation: Tier III
Fuel, Air and Lubrication System
  • Injection pump: Bosch / rotary
  • Fuel filter type: Dual stage fuel filtering system with water/sediment separator followed by a paper filter element cartridge
  • Fuel tank capacity - standard, gal. (L): Standard – 21.6 (82)
  • Fuel tank capacity - Deluxe, gal. (L): Deluxe – 19.8 (75)
  • Fuel tank capacity - SuperSteer™, gal. (L): 19.8 (75)
  • Air filter type: Dry / dual element
  • Oil and filter services: 600 hours
  • Muffler: Under hood
  • Exhaust outlet, ROPS: Right side of hood
  • Exhaust outlet, cab: Right side A-pillar
Electrical Specifications
  • Battery, volts: 12
  • Battery, cca: 730
  • Alternator, amps: 85
  • Cold start aid: Grid Heater
Transmission Specifications
  • Choice of transmissions: 16F x 16R Synchro Command transmission with your choice of mechanical shuttle or clutchless power shuttle (all models)
  • Clutch type / size (mechanical), in. (mm): Dry/11 (280) diameter, heavy-duty cerametallic material
  • Clutch type / size (electrohydraulic), in. (mm): Wet/six plates 5.2 (133), organic material
  • Gears- 2 - 8 mph working range: 12x12–7 gears | 16 x 16 – 9 gears
  • Gears- <1 mph: 12x12 – 0 gears | 16 x 16 – 3 gears
  • Maximum speed, mph (kph): 12x12– 18.73 (30.14) | 16x16 – 18.73 (30.14) or 23.5 (37.8)
PTO Specifications
  • Type: Fully independent
  • Base equipment PTO speed, RPM: 540
  • Operator control: T4000 Standard – mechanical T4000 Deluxe / Deluxe Supersteer™ - Servo-assist
  • PTO clutch: Dry, mechanical, 11-in. dry, organic plate
  • Engine speed: 2196 engine rpm at 540 PTO rpm
3 Point Hitch Specifications
  • Category: II / I
  • Draft sensing: Mechanical, lower link sensing
  • Std. ASAE lift capacity @ 24 in., lbs. (kg): 3962 (1800)
  • Link arms: Flexible
  • Stabilizers: Telescoping
  • Upper / lower limit setting: Lift-O-Matic
  • System type: Open center
  • System pressure, psi (bar): 2755 (190)
  • Implement pump flow (base), gpm (L/min.): T4000 Standard – 12.8 (48.6) T4000 Deluxe – 16.1 (61)
  • Implement pump flow (optional), gpm (L/min.): T4000 Standard – 16.1 (61)
  • Steering & services pump, gpm (L/min.): with mechanical shuttle – 7.4 (28) with power shuttle – 9.4 (35.6)
  • Remotes - base / optional: Standard – 1 / 2, 3 (4 & 5 with loader valve) Deluxe / SuperSteer 1 / 2, 3, 4 (5 with loader valve)
Front Axle Specifications - 2WD
  • Track adjustment, in. (mm): 53.7 – 79.9 (1365 – 2031)
  • Axle capacity (restricted), lbs. (kg): 6613 (3000)
  • Axle capacity, lbs. (kg): 4630 (2100)
  • Maximum steering angle, degrees: 55
  • Oscillation, degrees: 11
Front Axle Specifications - FWD
  • FWD engagement - T4000 Standard: Mechanical
  • FWD engagement - T4000 Deluxe: w/mechanical shuttle – Mechanical engagement w/power shuttle – Electrohydraulic engagement
  • SuperSteer front axle: Auto FWD management
  • Track adjustment, in. (mm): 60.8 – 76.6 (1545 – 1945)
  • Diff lock engagement: T4000 Standard – limited slip T4000 Deluxe – electrohydraulic differential lock
  • Axle capacity (restricted), lbs. (kg): 7937 (3600)
  • Axle capacity, lbs. (kg): 5511 (2500)
  • Maximum steering angle - FWD, degrees: 55
  • Maximum steering angle - SuperSteer, degrees: 76
  • Oscillation, degrees: 11
Rear Axle Specifications
  • Type: Flange
  • Diff lock engagement: Mechanical
  • Track adjustment, in. (mm): 49.6 - 76.1 (1260 – 1932) .
  • Dimension across flange, in. (mm): 61.5 (1562)
  • Axle Capacity, lbs. (kg): 8157 (3700)
Approximate Shipping Weight
  • Less Cab (ROPS) - 2WD, lbs. (kg): 5776 (2620)
  • Less Cab (ROPS) - FWD, lbs. (kg): 6327 (2870)
  • Cab - 2WD, lbs. (kg): 6217 (2820)
  • Cab - FWD, lbs. (kg): 6768 (3070)
  • Operator's station: T4000 Series Standard – open station T4000 Series Deluxe – cab T4000 Series Supersteer - open station / cab (T4030 & T4050 only)
  • Platform type, cab / ROPS: ISO mounted, straddle platform
  • Wheelbase (2WD), in. (mm): Standard – 83.3 (2115) Deluxe – 85.6 (2175)
  • Wheelbase (FWD), in. (mm): Standard – 80.2 (2038) Deluxe – 82.6 (2098)
  • Wheelbase (Supersteer), in. (mm): 94.8 (2408)
  • Overall length - standard, in. (mm): 135.2 (3433)
  • Overall length - Deluxe, in. (mm): 137.5 (3493)
  • Overall length - Supersteer, in. (mm): 137.5 (3493)
  • ROPS height (folded), in. (mm): 77.8 (1976)
  • Cab height, in. (mm): 91.4 (2322)



Engine Manufacturer
New Holland
Engine Type
Model F5C - 195 cu. in. (3.2 L), 4 cylinder, turbocharged, air to air intercooled, Tier III
76 hp
62 hp
Rated RPM
2300 rpm


2WD, Standard: 83.3 in. (2115 mm); FWD, Standard: 80.2 in. (2038 mm); SuperSteer: 94.8 in. (2408 mm)
ROPS (folded): 77.8 in. (1976 mm); Cab: 91.4 in. (2322 mm)
ROPS 2WD: 5776 lb. (2620 kg); ROPS 4WD: 6327 lb. (2870 kg); Cab 2WD: 6217 lb. (2820 kg); Cab 4WD: 6768 lb. (3070 kg)


Fuel Capacity
Standard: 21.6 gal. (82 L)
Standard: 16F x 16R Synchro Command transmission with mechanical shuttle or clutchless power shuttle
Type: Open center; Implement pump flow: Base, Standard: 12.8 gpm (48.6 Lpm)

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